IMA Battery Cooling Fan Rebuilding

If the IMA warning light as well as the 12v battery indicator appear on the dashboard of your Honda Hybrid vehicle, the issue may not be a faulty hybrid battery or even a faulty 12v battery. The culprit may very well be The hybrid battery cooling fan. Please click on the video to learn more.

We can install a rebuilt IMA Battery Cooling Fan with an official 1 year warranty to put your mind at ease.

Our IMA Battery Cooling Fan Rebuilding Procedure Is As Follows :


Appointment Inquiry

Upon receiving your inquiry, we will collect your details over the phone and will email you the invoice document with the payment instructions for the IMA Battery Cooling Fan replacement. You can make the payment online using your credit card through our website or do a bank transfer. If you already have a scan report that indicates a faulty Cooling fan, you can send us a photo of the scan report via Whatsapp, Viber or Email so that we can double check it for you. If you don't, we will guide you through the process.

Appointment Scheduling

Once the payment is confirmed, we will call you to schedule a date for the IMA Battery Cooling Fan replacement that is convenient for you. We will then block that time slot for you and dispatch the appointment details via SMS and Email. All IMA Battery Cooling Fan replacements are scheduled from Monday to Friday, from 7:30PM onwards. This convenient time slot was established so that you don't have to take leave from work.

IMA Battery Cooling Fan Replacement

On the scheduled inspection date and time, our team will replace your IMA Battery Cooling Fan with a rebuilt one within 1 hour. Finally, the Invoice and Warranty document will be presented to you and the defective Cooling Fan will be collected by our team.

Call Us To Make An Appointment

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