Our Hybrid Battery Testing Process

At Lucid Technologies, we have developed a proprietary computer based system to assess the health of your hybrid battery.

We take these 3 measurements from each cell module on your battery, and then we use the measurements of a brand new battery as the baseline for calculating the health percentage for your current cell modules.

What our software test measures:



Each measurement explained…



This is the maximum amount of energy a battery cell module can hold.

Using an analogy… think of each cell module as a 10L bucket. If the bucket were empty (allowing full capacity), then you would be able to fill it with 10L of water. However, if the bucket had a pile of rocks in the bottom of it, you could pour 10L of water into it, but much of it would spill out and be wasted.

This is the same with each cell module of your battery. If the cell modules are at diminished capacity, they cannot retain most of the otherwise wasted energy (energy provided by the regenerative braking system and the engine) thereby reducing the fuel economy. This would also affect the acceleration on account of not being able to provide energy at a consistent level. Reduced capacity will lead to poor performance in terms of fuel economy and acceleration.

➢ Capacity can be corrected through our battery reconditioning process.


This is the rate at which your battery charge and discharge

The analogy… again, imagine you have a 10L bucket, but this time the bucket has a lid on it with a hole in the top. When you pour 10L of water into the bucket, it will take a long time to fill the bucket. Similarly, it will take a longer amount of time to empty the bucket.

This is the same as the Internal Resistance of your cell modules. The longer the cell modules take to charge (fill up), the less likely they are to get a full charge. High Internal Resistance of cell modules will affect your acceleration and the many times they will not accept a full charge from the charging system, thus weakening the battery pack.

➢ Internal Resistance can be corrected through our battery reconditioning process.


This is how long a given cell module will hold a charge if it were just sitting dormant.

Back to our water bucket analogy… Imagine your 10L bucket has a tiny hold in the bottom of it. You can fill your bucket up with 10L of water, but if you don’t use that water right away, the water will eventually drain out completely. In order to make your water last as long as possible, it is better to have as little a hole as possible, thus losing less water over time.

This is the case with every type of rechargeable battery. Over time, every hybrid battery will lose its charge when sitting dormant, due to its Self Discharge Rate.

➢ This is a measurement that can be tested, but cannot be corrected. If your cell modules are not within an acceptable Self Discharge Rate, we will replace the cell module.

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