What should be performed in a Hybrid Battery service procedure?

To ensure that your Hybrid Battery lasts for at least 10 years in Sri Lanka, an yearly maintenance needs to be performed. In this maintenance procedure, two critical tasks are performed. 


Hybrid Battery Servicing

This is the process of disassembling the Hybrid Battery pack down to the last nut and bold to clean all the individual components, remove the oxidation on the copper contacts and repair any faults in the battery electrical system.

Hybrid Battery conditioning

This is the process of which our proprietary computer system is used to improve the health percentage up to 97% by cycling the cells individually under strict control parameters.

In this article we will be focusing on the Hybrid Battery service. Numerous Hybrid Vehicle owners have asked us if the battery service is all about using compressed air to clean the battery cooling fan and removing the oxidation on the copper plates that are connected to the battery terminals. We believe that it's much more than that. Since the Hybrid battery is equipped with an active cooling system, the blower motor tends to accumulate a lot of dust (imagine the amount of dust a pedestal fan at home accumulate) on the vanes as well as on every component inside the battery pack. Thus, it's imperative that the battery pack be disassembled down to the last nut and bold to perform a proper clean up job. 

The dust inside the battery blower motor alters the curvature on each vane, thereby reducing the airflow. The most effective method of cleaning these vanes is to use special purpose brushes and a vacuuming technique. The result is as follows. 


The copper plates that connect each battery module needs to be de-oxidized with a special chemical and overly corroded ones need to be replaced. Although the copper plates might appear to be clean on one side, it might be heavily oxidized on the other side. 


Since the contaminated air flows from under the battery block and then through the battery modules, a lot of dust gets accumulated on the metal plate that is mounted to the bottom of the battery block as well as between the battery modules. The best way to get rid of the dust that is trapped between the battery modules is to separate and clean them individually. 


At the end, each and every component in the battery pack needs to be cleaned with a non conducting, non abrasive chemical. The Hybrid Battery electrical system needs to be checked for integrity and any suspecting faults should be addressed. This is how the Hybrid Battery service SHOULD be performed.



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