Hybrid Battery Inspection

Most hybrid batteries when used for a certain period of time will require either a Maintenance (Servicing And Conditioning) or Rebuilding. The purpose of our Hybrid Battery Inspection is to assess the condition of your hybrid battery WITHOUT removing it. This will allow us to determine the required treatment plan if any, and its exact cost. The Hybrid Battery Inspection is also known as the Hybrid Battery Health Check. Please click on the video, to learn more.

Our Hybrid Battery Inspection Procedure Is As Follows :


Appointment Inquiry

Upon receiving your inquiry, we will first collect your details over the phone and register you in our system.

Appointment Scheduling

We will then schedule a date for the inspection that is convenient for you. We will then block that time slot for you and dispatch the appointment details via SMS and Email. All Hybrid Battery inspections and installations are scheduled from Monday to Friday, from 7:30PM onwards. This convenient time slot was established so that you don't have to take leave from work.

Performing The Inspection

On the scheduled inspection date and time, our team will collect the needed data from your vehicle without removing your Hybrid Battery, in less than 1 hour. This data will be analyzed on the following day to give you the exact picture.

Inspection Summary Report

The collected scan data and visual inspection, coupled with our years of experience in the industry, we will inform you of the exact treatment plan and cost for your Hybrid Battery based on your requirement and driving conditions. This information will be sent to you via Email in an easy to understand format.