How to drive with a defective Hybrid Battery until you get it replaced

Although we highly recommend that you replace your defective hybrid battery immediately so as to avoid getting stranded on the road and run the risk of damaging dependent components such as the inverter and transmission, we do understand that due to other financial and time commitments, you might not be in a position to do so. Thus, here is a list of things you can do to minimize the risk until you get your Hybrid Battery replaced.



Avoid parking the vehicle under direct sunlight as much as possible since extreme temperatures would further deteriorate the battery. In the event of not having any other option, you could lower the four car windows (shutters) by about 1.5cm so that the rain guards will prevent the rain from entering the vehicle and make the opening less visible to people outside. (TOYOTA AND HONDA)

Try to avoid accelerating abruptly. Pressing the "pedal to the metal" will increase the load on the already defective Hybrid Battery as well as the inverter and transmission. Accelerating gradually until you reach the desired speed (150kmph even) is advised. (TOYOTA AND HONDA)

Try to use the A/C at a low temperature so that the battery will stay cool and comfortable. (TOYOTA AND HONDA)

Once the warning lights related to the battery fault appear, the hybrid system falls into a fail-safe mode where the engine runs full-time and the battery contribution is minimised. Refrain from clearing the codes with the scanner or disconnecting the 12v Auxiliary battery as this would deactivate the Fail-safe mode. (TOYOTA ONLY)

Make sure that the engine and transmission is in peak condition by performing a tune-up and replacing the fluids on time since they will be under undue stress due the battery issue. (TOYOTA AND HONDA).

Replace the 12v auxiliary battery if it's even mildly weak. The 12v battery in a TOYOTA/HONDA hybrid is recharged by the Hybrid Battery via a unit called the DC/DC converter. If the 12v battery is weak, the Hybrid Battery will have to dump excess energy back into the 12v battery every time the vehicle is activated after resting for a few hours even. This will drain the HV battery unnecessary and put undue stress on the DC/DC converter.

If your vehicle is an AQUA or AXIO, the front mesh of the battery cooling fan needs to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner as it tends to get clogged up to a point where the air flow towards the battery modules is completely restricted.

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