The economics of Hybrid Battery maintenance

More than 80% of our clients approach us to get their Hybrid Battery repaired when the warning lights have already appeared. When we educate them on why their battery has failed prematurely and how the yearly maintenance can prevent this occurrence; they shake their heads in dismay saying that if they had prior knowledge of the maintenance, they would have opted for it right from the beginning. Most Hybrid vehicle owners are unaware that the warning lights start to appear only when the battery has already become critical.

The Hybrid battery should last for at least 10 years, but due to the harsh climatic and not so ideal driving conditions in Sri Lanka, the Hybrid Battery fails in just a few years. The only long term repair option in this event is to perform a complete rebuild by replacing all the cell modules with reconditioned ones. The cost of this procedure is around 7 times the cost of the yearly maintenance. Moreover, this situation will compel the vehicle owner to spend the full amount at once, probably while in financial distress.

If the engine oil is not replaced on time, the vehicle owner will run the risk of having to replace the engine prematurely. Likewise, the hybrid vehicle owner will run the risk of having to spend around 7X on a complete rebuild if it is not maintained each year. REMEMBER: The conditions is Sri Lanka is different to that of Japan, UK and the US. We had to completely rebuild quite a few 2014 Aqua, Axio and Gen3 Prii due to this lack of maintenance. Please visit for more information.


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