About Lucid Technologies

Our Mission:

We want to extend the life of your hybrid battery and increase the overall performance of your vehicle. All our services exist to save you money… because new hybrid batteries are expensive, and second-hand batteries are unreliable.

Who We Are:

A message from our owner…

Hi. I’m Kaveen… the guy that started Lucid Technologies in Sri Lanka.

In 2010 I started a computer-based diagnostic and repair center called Kaveen’s Auto Clinic. At K.A.C. we focused on diagnosing problems with all makes and models of hybrid vehicles. We also performed some minor repairs, but that wasn’t our focus at the time.

At K.A.C. many of the problems we diagnosed were battery-related, and I noticed that these problems were getting increasingly worse. I also saw that the solutions to most hybrid battery problems were very expensive and unreliable.

Because of my background in electrical engineering and software engineering, and my drive to truly help people, I dove deep into learning WHY hybrid batteries fail in Sri Lanka at a faster rate.

This led me to shift my business direction to focus on the testing, maintenance and upkeep of hybrid batteries…

Thus, in 2013 K.A.C. Hybrid Battery Clinic Pvt Ltd. was created. The name was changed to Lucid Technologies Pvt Ltd. in 2019.

What We Do:

I researched and discovered the 4 main reasons why hybrid batteries fail at a faster rate in Sri Lanka. Now that I knew the root of the problem, I could focus on developing a cost-effective solution.

I developed a computer system to test the health of each cell module within a hybrid battery pack. I also developed a method of reconditioning the cell modules, which can restore a weakened cell module to within 95% of its original (brand new) health.

Why this website exists:


Each and every time a potential customer calls Lucid Technologies, I spend up to 1 hour providing that person with the knowledge on WHY their battery has failed, WHAT can be done to correct it and HOW to prevent it from happening in the future. I have found that when people have this information upfront, they can make an informed decision on what they can do now to save money in the long run.

Our website is meant to provide the same information that I convey to our customers in an easy to follow format. Hopefully this website will answer many of your initial questions regarding your hybrid battery (and decrease the need for my 1-hour information course).

I hope that you are a more informed hybrid vehicle owner after visiting our website.


I look forward to talking with you soon.


Lucid Technologies:

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