We provide affordable & reliable Hybrid Battery services for your Toyota Hybrid.

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Proprietary Hybrid Battery Conditioning System

Imagine going to the gym to improve your strength and if you don’t exercise enough, your muscle strength will not improve up to its full potential whereas if you overly exert yourself, you will get injured.

Similarly, if the Hybrid Battery modules are not Conditioned using precision software and hardware, their health level could either not improve to the required level or deteriorate even further.

Hybrid Battery Testing and Conditioning System


positive review  It has been few weeks now since I replaced my battery from Lucid Tech and I think its high time to thank them for doing such a wonderful job, not only that for sharing every detail regarding our battery to give the perfect service. Also lucid tech actually calls you back almost every step of the way and check whether you received your invoices and everything else in the order, which I dont think even toyota company wont do. Im thankful for this small yet highly qualified team for their FAST , TRUSTED , EFFICIENT service.

Dhanushka Kaluarachchi Avatar Dhanushka Kaluarachchi

positive review  I have done my Aqua car hybrid battery rebuilt here. Mr. Kaveen one of the best communicator, his experience in hybrid battery really helped me a lot. their customer service is far better and work on appointments was awesome.

Suhail Ahamed Avatar Suhail Ahamed

positive review  I got the hybrid battery of my Toyota aqua checked and fixed by Lucid Technologies and the experience was great! Kaveen explained the whole process in detail and the customer service was excellent. The best part is that even though only certain cells are replaced the entire battery is given a one year warranty. Thanks Kaveen and team for the wonderful service. If you need your hybrid battery checked or fixed, these are guys are definitely recommended.

Dimitri Wu Avatar Dimitri Wu

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