Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Most hybrid vehicle owners are unaware that the warning indicators will only appear when their hybrid battery is in critical condition. Although we have the technology to correct the critical condition, we would like to help prevent it all together. Click on the video to learn more!

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Proprietary Hybrid Battery Conditioning System

Imagine going to the gym to improve your strength and if you don’t exercise enough, your muscle strength will not improve up to its full potential whereas if you overly exert yourself, you will get injured.

Similarly, if the Hybrid Battery modules are not Conditioned using precision software and hardware, their health level could either not improve to the required level or deteriorate even further.

Hybrid Battery Testing and Conditioning System


positive review  Found out About Lucid Technologies when I was researching online for a place to get my Hybrid Checked. From the 1st call I made, The advise I rcvd from Kaveen was excellent, very professional & more than what I expected. I was convinced to try out his service and indeed it was a job well done. Everything was delivered as promised & the difference and performance is amazing. Definitely a learning experience for me. A truly impressive service at a very reasonable cost. Keep it up Kaveen, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!

Tariq Karim Avatar Tariq Karim

Here Are The Models That We Handle

We provide Hybrid Battery related services for the following vehicle models only.

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