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5 star review  Great Service, I am a continuous user of KAC Battery clinic having a 2011 Toyota Prius 30 for more than 1.5 years. Great service delivered by KAC Battery Clinic always as promised. At the time of initial battery issue, I was lost checking for a solution where many basses gave unrealistic stories, even Toyota Lanka gave option of doing a battery service which has no guarantee, (one of my friends working in Toyota said almost 95% is a failure). so I had no option. Finally I found Kaveens one of the posts in Internet and reached to him. Well briefed explanation done why battery fails, and why battery service needed for a country like ours which has lots of dust which clogs air supply to the battery which makes ultimate failure due to overheating. Just believed in him and allowed his technicians to remove the battery. to my surprise, the guys came to remove the battery looked very professional, they had cameras, lights, and all equipment to safely remove battery. I saw even to remove a small clip, they had tools. removal done properly. Battery was fully clogged with dust as well said earlier. Ramesh(team leader) confirmed the battery removal done. in a day or 2 I got a call from Kaveen and that 20 out of my 28 battery cells were damaged and I was told of the charge to replace which was very reasonable. did it and properly fixed, vehicle gave me the performance like when i bought it. It was so good. Subsequently I did the 1st year maintenance too few months back. All as promised and warranty extended again. the most important thing in few years old Hybrid vehicle is freedom of battery hassle. Highly recommend this provider for your one stop HV battery maintenance. Dont go behind basses and loose your money unnecessarily. Get your batteries serviced from KAC Battery Clinic and forget about all the battery issues for good. Highly recommend KAC Battery Clinic ~ :))))

thumb Asanka Karunanayake

Prevention is healthier than a cure...

Think about this analogy:

People who have routine heart checkups are most often prescribed diet, exercise, and perhaps some medication. However, failing to do so could lead to that person needing open-heart surgery down the road.

Similarly, most hybrid vehicle owners are unaware that the warning indicators will only appear when their hybrid battery is in critical condition.

At Lucid Technologies, we have the technology to correct the critical condition; however, we would like to help prevent it all together. We offer a Yearly Maintenance wherein we will assess the health of your hybrid battery and improve the weaknesses as they (and when they) occur... instead of waiting until it becomes critical. This saves you money!

We have rebuilt hybrid batteries for more than 4 years!

We rebuilt the following hybrid vehicle batteries. Let us help you extend the life of your hybrid vehicle battery.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose Lucid Technologies to extend the life of your hybrid battery, but here are the top 6 reasons.


Brand new batteries are extremely expensive.

Second-hand batteries are unreliable.

We provide a 1-year official warranty.

We give you a full education on your battery.

Punctuality and attention to detail.

Experience of more than 4 years in the industry


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