Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Most hybrid vehicle owners are unaware that the warning indicators will only appear when their hybrid battery is in critical condition. Although we have the technology to correct the critical condition, we would like to help prevent it all together. Click on the video to learn more!

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Proprietary Hybrid Battery Conditioning System

Imagine going to the gym to improve your strength and if you don’t exercise enough, your muscle strength will not improve up to its full potential whereas if you overly exert yourself, you will get injured.

Similarly, if the Hybrid Battery modules are not Conditioned using precision software and hardware, their health level could either not improve to the required level or deteriorate even further.

Hybrid Battery Testing and Conditioning System


5 star review  I had an issue with my hybrid battery where it's user capacity had declined substantially and having acceleration issues. When I searched for an answer, found two service providers. However one quoted an exorbitant price for it. Luckily I called Lucid Technologies. Owner, Kaveen explained in detail the procedure for the reconditioning of the battery and they performed it to the detail as they said answering all my questions and doubts. Technicians were very professional and knowledgeable and removed the battery and fixed it with due care. I would recommend anyone who has issues with their hybrid battery to call Kaveen and get it fixed which would help them to save a lot of money. Thank you Lucid Technologies for an excellent service.

thumb Naveen Athapathu

Here Are The Models That We Handle

We provide Hybrid Battery related services for the following vehicle models only.

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